Saturday, October 31, 2015

Web Video Conferencing in the New Millennium (part 2 of 2)

Live video is another kind of conferencing over the Internet or what young people call video chat. live video or video chat is just like text chatting only it’s done through the web cam. Just like web video conferencing live video is more or less like it in purpose and setup. While web videoconferencing uses software to support the video format of the live video this is because of the limited number of formats that can be streamed over the web.

Another kind of web conferencing tool is VoIP or Voice over the Internet Phone. The concept of VoIP is no longer new to us. Some people have started using VoIP software and sites as their primary phone for business, personal and technology use. Because of it’s virtual endless capacity to call inside and outside countries and not to mention computer call functionality.

That means even without a regular or mobile phone people can communicate anytime anywhere. Now if you apply that to whatever your web videoconferencing needs that you have, you are sure to get your money’s worth.

And lastly a dedicated Internet website that would cater to all the web conferencing needs that you have. As the name mentions it is a dedicated server that acts as the conference room of your company and a gateway for all other video conferencing you will have even outside the company.

Since this is a new tool for your company to use in it’s quest to become one of the best in the world, it would be wise to master all the requirements and the processes of web videoconferencing to reap the best results from it.

Web Video Conferencing in the New Millennium (part 1 of 2)

Are you in need of something that can boost your business by more than half and still be able to save on the cost of production? Do you want to be able to monitor your factories and met with your staff on a regular basis though you are miles away from corporate? Web videoconferencing allows you to work on these things without having to worry about cost and impact on the business.

All that you need to do is just a website away. The need for expensive equipment has also been taken away since all the equipment you would need is inside the Internet and all of it is waiting for you. So let’s start web videoconferencing.

So how exactly does web videoconferencing works? Well, like the name suggests its videoconferencing through the web or the Internet. A participant needs a computer to start off and Internet access. Basically that’s all you need. Other things that may or may not be necessary are web cams, web conferencing software and a website to conduct the virtual meeting. Usually websites may refer to URL’s that act as the conference room for the meeting.

There are different kinds of web videoconferencing and different kinds of purposes. First one is the web meeting (web videoconferencing), this usual kind of web conference that let’s participants interact in a controlled Internet environment. Usually CEO’s and business executives have web meetings when they are out of town and on business. Not only can they visit their site often they can keep close tabs on people. Usually Web conferencing allow people on the go to keep up with the requirements of the office.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Tai Chi Facts: A Beginner’s Guide (part 2 of 2)

Tai Chi is both an exercise and a martial art. But there are teachers that give out only the movements  that are purely for health. There would be like at least 80% of those who are engaged in the art embrace the idea of Tai Chi being an art. So if you think that you are the type who needs self defense more than an exercise, you can achieve this in some art that exhibits kung fu actions than health exercises. But if you are the type who wants the best of both worlds, Tai Chi is best for you.

Tai Chi is a form of internal martial art that is characterized by soft movements and is trained to be a relaxing and slower speed than other kinds of martial art.

If you keep on thinking what to wear on a Tai Chi class, you don’t have to shop for cool clothes. Special clothing is not a requirement. You just have to wear something really comfortable like snickers, T-shirts and jogging pants. Remember, it must be something that would allow you to move freely while performing every move. Never wear jeans or any constrictive clothing.

Things to expect while in a Tai Chi class are Qigong, which means meditation that is done by moving your body, or otherwise is in a stationary state. Push hands or what is known as tui shou, is an exercise that requires two persons who exchange energy by performing movements leveled with each other. You can also expect the use of weapons like swords.

These will be used in advanced classes and those who enroll are the ones who have already experienced the basics.

Tai Chi Facts: A Beginner’s Guide (part 1 of 2)

For those who are thrilled in experiencing Tai Chi, it is all-possible. Although, there are certain points to remember if you are really thinking of joining the group.

First, know some facts about Tai Chi. Tai Chi and Tai Chi Chuan is not different after all. There might be an additional character on the latter but the meaning stands the same. Tai Chi is just the shorter version. Tai Chi Chuan means “Supreme Ultimate Fist”. It is derived from a series of kung fu techniques so it can be applied as both a therapeutic activity and a medium of self-defense.

Range in the number of students in each class varies but you can expect about 20-30 students in each class. The age factor is between teens and up to the 90s. This art is not common for children though, because the slow movements will just bore them. But most likely, classes like this target people from the early twenties and so on. Men and women alike can enroll in the class. It is quite seldom to see a men-only or women-only class within a Tai Chi program. Generally, it is much more beneficial if men and women mix because of the energy that elevates inside the class.

Being fit is not a requirement. It’s okay if you are stout, thin, overweight or so. Even those who are permanently attached to their wheelchairs can adapt to the movements of Tai Chi. But a certain attention is required. But if you have undergone certain medical treatments, ask your doctor if Tai Chi is really meant for you because if it is contraindicated, might as well drop it. And if your doctor has approved with your Tai Chi, tell your teacher about your disability so he can adjust or restrict movements that you can’t handle.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Boxing Training Myths (part 2 of 2)

Myth #2: Gaining muscles slows you down

Now, this is the exact opposite of #1. Let us look at this example: 2 boxers, A and B. They have the same weight, same height, same speed, same skills and same everything. The only difference is, A is stronger than B. Who do you think is going to win? If you are going to believe the myth, you'll pick Boxer B, but if you are going to use your common sense, you can easily say that it is Boxer A simply because stronger muscles deliver stronger punches.

If you are training to become a boxer, you need as much muscle strength as you can. This will never become a problem when you step into the ring. Just look at Mike Tyson, one of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport. You see him all packed up when he steps into the ring. Tell me, does his muscles became a hindrance in his winning?

Myth #3: You can get a six-pack abs by doing one thousand crunches everyday

I know you have heard this before. Do you believe this? Let's look at it at the simplest ways so that everyone can understand. Every part of the body including that area has muscles, right? And at this moment, it may be covered by fat that is why you cannot see the definition.

If you are going to do one thousand crunches everyday for the next 2 or so years, you are developing your abs. But if it is covered by fat, how can you see it? Reduce your fat intake, do crunches, not necessarily 1000/day, and you'll be able to see some cuts.

Myth #4: Excess fat still makes me fit

The last time I checked, fit and fat do not belong in the same sentence. Extra fat doesn't make you any fitter. Muscles do. Muscles make you stronger and faster. Fats just hang in there, like an extra padding that doesn't do anything at all.

So if you are believing this claim just to make yourself feel better, forget it.

Boxing Training Myths (part 1 of 2)

There are so many "I-know-everything" guys out there, saying different things, do's and don'ts about boxing, boxing training and everything in between. The funny thing is, beginners tend to believe these einsteins that they end up confused with what's true and what's not.

You see, it's okay to listen and take a few nods from these guys but once you walk away, forget everything they say and take advice from real experts. (This is the reason why you should hire a trainer if you are really serious about the sport.)

Dummies may easily be fooled but it is not a crime to be gullible, not using the common sense that was given to you is. So let us take some time and enumerate boxing training myths and bury it once and for all:

Myth #1: Running long slow distances is good for the boxer.

Sure, it is not going to hurt but this doesn't make you the most effective boxer. You see, boxing and running doesn't match. Just compare the physique of a boxer and the physique of a marathon runner and you'll see a great different. I have nothing against long distance runners but they train for long, thin muscles that a boxer doesn't need. Sure, boxers need the stamina of a runner but he can get that in other ways.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Finding Yeast Infection Treatments (part 2 of 2)

Treating Diaper Rashes

Diaper rashes caused by yeast infection can be treated with over the counter antifungal creams that contain nystatin or through supplements like acidophilus.

Protecting infants or adults from diaper rashes means keeping the covered area clean at all times.  It also helps to allow the skin to breathe by not using a diaper at least an hour a day.  It’s also recommended to use cotton diapers more often than the disposable ones since cotton allows the skin to breathe more easily.

Treating Nail Bed Infections

Yeast infections of the nail bed are more difficult to treat.  A prescription for an antifungal pill is needed but it can also be treated with antifungal laquer which is only proven to work in mild to moderate infections when the nails have not yet been infected by the fungus.

To prevent this infection from occurring and recurring is to regularly keep the skin dry and clean.  It is also advised to avoid contact with anyone who is infected with this disease. Wearing gloves when gardening also lowers the chance of nail bed yeast infection from occurring.  Another way to go about this is to avoid sharing personal items such as nail clippers or socks.

Yeast infections and its different types are highly treatable and preventable diseases which should last an average of one to two weeks and any time exceeding this means a trip to the doctor.  Information on yeast infection treatments and preventions are available through online medical journals and medical sites but for highly advanced states of yeast infection it’s always best to consult a physician.